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Massage & Facial


* Waxed & Massaged Promotion *
Enjoy 30% off on any one waxing treatment when combining with a massage


Rate / Duration



¥260 ~ 860
1H - 2H

World-renowned French skin care products, authentic French facial.
Rates vary for different treatments, detailed menu available in spa available in Spa.

Eye Care

¥280 / 0.5H

Different treatments available target different problems such as puffiness, dark circle, winkles, etc.

Relaxing Body Massage

¥320 / 1H
¥460 / 1.5H
¥580 / 2H

Different techniques available, such as Swedish, Thai, Fusion, etc.
Get more value with longer session.

Get more value with longer session.

Curative Body Massage

¥320 / 1H
¥460 / 1.5H
¥580 / 2H

Aiming at various soreness, pain and misalignment relating to muscle, fascia, tendon and bones.
Get more value with longer session.

Body Scrub

¥220 / 0.5H

Different scrub products available to suit different skin conditions.

Body Cocoon

¥220 / 0.5H

Detoxification, revitalization, slimming, different types available.


¥360 / 1H

Natural slimming program involving slimming massage, slimming products and machines.

Manicure / Pedicure

¥180 / 0.5H

Personalized shape, color and style.

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